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17 years old, Music is everything to me and is my sweet escape <3
Instagram @mojo_jojo220
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and i sing, check me out @FallenFaerie220 on YouTube <3

I love new friends and i am open to meeting new people, so dont be shy and Ask Me Anything :)

when lyrics are so good u just



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there’s always those neighbour countries that sort of hate each other like new zealand and australia, britain and france, the rest of the world and america

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dont trust anyone who prefers boxers over briefs

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hyperbole is my favorite literary device i use it like 600 times a day

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ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

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stop being so cute if i can’t kiss you

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girls are so hot???? like i see a hot girl every 2 seconds.  and a hot guy about every 2 weeks.  and even then i’m wary because he might end up yelling something rude at me or making a rape joke or something

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I just want someone who will kiss me when I’m mad and lets me cry in front of them and buys me pizza and watches scary movies with me and holds my hand real tight even if it’s sweaty and thinks I’m beautiful no matter what I look like and lets me steal their sweaters so I can sleep with their smell on my skin and who laughs at the same things I do and just never lets me go, no matter how hard I try to push them away.

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It’s the worst when you meet a hot person and they are boring as fack. It’s like we want and expect them to be interesting because they are so wonderful to look at, and then it dawns on you that physical beauty can be so empty and you’ve spent so much time enraptured by this thing that matters a lot less than they want you to believe.

"What a strange illusion it is to assume that beauty is goodness" - Leo Tolstoy, probably


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you can’t face the problem if the problem is your face.

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